Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So close to done. So close.

Today I walked into my messy apartment, looked around and thought, "who lives like this????"

I then realized: I do.

*Sigh* It's that time of year again. Piles of grading. Piles of paperwork. So very many students. Right now I am supposed to be commenting on a stack of drafts to be handed back on Friday-- HA! I just can't bring myself to comment on them. I've finished 5 of the 40 and the thought of reading just one more, trying to think of constructive comments, just makes my head hurt. How's this for my next one:
Stu Dent,
Your paper has a lot of words, and some paragraphs. You have chosen the appropriate font and your name is spelled correctly. For your revised draft I recommend that you work on sucking less. 

How many  more weeks till this semester is over? 


  1. At the place where I used to teach, we had our summers off. For several years, when a new term started, I made up a countdown list, numbering the weeks until the next summer.

    I put on the tack board behind my desk to remind me of how long I had until I had a chance to live like a human being again, even if it was for only a few weeks. Each Friday afternoon, I crossed off one more line, thinking each time: "Only xxx weeks left."

  2. We have 6.5 more weeks. GaaaaaahhhhhhhhhH!

    1. It was probably hardest for me when the term was drawing to a close. I kept counting down the weeks but time seemed to move much more slowly then. So near and yet so far....

  3. Boy, have I been in your shoes, Academic Drag. And your house. Especially if you add the lack of clean laundry, toilet paper, and shampoo at the end of certain semesters. Those were the ones with babies.

    Excellent feedback template. For greater grading efficiency, consider having a rubber stamp made.

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  5. This is awesome.

    My daughter's ninth grade honor's English teacher always writes the same stupid shit on her essays: "Great, but you need to go deeper." At first I wanted to kill the bitch, because she'd never explain to the kid what she meant by "go deeper," implying if you were smart enough you'd just know... and I had thought myself that my little dumpling went pretty deep (LOL).

    Right about now, I admit I have caught myself writing "go deeper" in some of the margins. I just can't think of a damn thing to say, and it is so beautiful outside......

  6. I'm getting old enough to know in my bones that -- no matter what I do, for better or worse -- the day will end, the weekend will come, and summer will arrive. I look forward to getting through "it," but whatever I'm looking forward to also comes to a rapid end, and it's back to getting through the day/week/semester. Alas!


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