Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who will guard the guardians? "2 Wesleyan University cops fired, accused of voyeurism." (Associated Press)

Wesleyan University has fired two campus police officers who are accused of spying on a female student.
Mike Whaley, the school's vice president of student affairs, said in a statement that the officers are accused of "surreptitiously viewing and possibly video recording a female student in her residence."
The school notified students in an email Tuesday night, but did not identify the officers or where the voyeurism allegedly took place.
The statement called the alleged voyeurism an intolerable breach of trust. The school says the officers are cooperating in a police investigation.


They say "the officers are cooperating in the investigation. Bullshit. Why would they cooperate? I trust none of these people. How the fuck can someone get an education if they don't even feel safe? Goddamn shit.


  1. Also, I wish it didn't matter what the gender of the student was.

    And I don't know why the flava is triple-spaced. Sorry.

    1. Les, thanks for fixing the spacing. You're blogenius.

  2. If their campus police are hired the same way ours are hired (technically, ours aren't police; they are campus security), this makes sense. Our campus security office is staffed by students who can't find jobs elsewhere and are on a power trip...

  3. They're cooperating to save their dumb asses.


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