Friday, June 21, 2013

ChrryBlstr, Like, Gets an Email.

So here's an e-mail that I received from Spacy Stacey:

hey prof,
i like failed the essay, and would like to tak to u about some of the comments made on it...
hence.. can we meet up...
like friday any time or next week any day, time... up to u ...

My response:

Hey SS!
I am not entirely sure what you are talking about since you received a B- (72 percent) on your essay. This is definitely not a failing mark! Further, I am no longer arranging office hours and meeting with students about their essays since the course is over. I strongly suggest that you review your paper and your subsequent request to discuss it.


What I desperately wanted to say:
trust do not want to hang with me right now....let alone ask for me to reconsider your mark. enjoy your summer instead.
peace out!


  1. 72! The perfect temperature.

  2. 72 would be a B- in, say, Canada.

  3. i thik this is like so classic...

  4. So glad I can tell my students who don't like their grades to move to Canada.

    All e-mails that begin "hey prof" get deleted.

  5. I suspect that this is a British entry. See the use of the word "mark" instead of "grade." And the casual use of "hence" amidst chav language.


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