Thursday, June 27, 2013

In which Bella wants her students to stop whining about the requirements

"Look, here's a cool
source on Twatter!"
Okay, so I am teaching comp two, online.  Overall, I have some pretty smart, well prepared students.  Yay for them. 

BUT, for the final research essay, I have some requirements they don't like.  One of them is to use the web, but for the REQUIRED web articles, they must get their information from both a government website, and a university-sponsored website. 

Eat me, kids.  That's what I fucking want from you.  It's what I told you I wanted.  I made myself VERY clear.  You can use your easy to find .orgs up the ass as ADDITIONAL, OPTIONAL web articles, as long as you write a paragraph explanation of what kind of organization runs the site, what their stated purpose is, and where they get their funding.

I just cannot believe how far some of these otherwise demonstrably intelligent critical thinkers will go to try to argue that there is NO NO NO government agency at ALL that has useful information on, say CIVIL FUCKING RIGHTS. And NO university on the planet has ever published anything on that topic either, not online.  Not no way, not no how.


I am just kind of speechless.  I don't even feel like pointing them in the right direction.  I feel like telling them to just take the 10 point per unused required source deduction (just check the rubric, suckers) and fuck off.

I will sit on this, put it aside, meditate, and drink some flavored ice tea (and I am winking at YOU, Proffie Galore). 

And get back to these Einsteins tomorrow.


  1. Agreed, even with the missing hyphens and the apostrophized "Einstein" plural. Joking! Just joking! Sort of. Still, if they don't follow the rules, they can all go fuck themselves.

  2. No, you are not joking, and I don't blame you! I am not great about checking my work on here!!!!!!

  3. Yeah.

    Did you know there isn't a single official-like website online related to JUVENILE DIABETES?!?!?!?

    Sometimes the stupid just leaks out of them.

    And this is also why every instructor needs to be empowered to fail students. Sometimes they just refuse to learn. And it's not our fault.

  4. Hold them to it, Bella. After eighteen years, it's time they learn there are consequences for not following directions. Would they drive down a street that has a sign "Do Not Enter One Way?" Hopefully not, unless they're too busy texting while driving.

    This situation could come in handy at the end of the semester when the grade grubbers whine. You can point to this and say, "You'd have ten points more if you had followed the directions on the research essay."

  5. I have to admit I hated directions of the "use at least one of these, and one of these" sort as a student, because they seemed arbitrary (and they were). But I usually just followed them, because it wasn't so hard (and if I felt I had a good reason for an exemption -- not that there were none meeting the formula, but that some other combination worked better -- I talked to the professor).

    As a professor, of course, I realize the value of making sure that students have had the experience of using sources (and navigating websites) of various kinds. And I realize that, even though I had, some of my undergrad classmates probably hadn't had the experience of using the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature and the card catalog and a printed bibliography (yes, I'm old).

    1. Ha. And if they have a good reason for an exemption, that is fine. I am pretty easy going, actually. Just DON'T tell me there is NOTHING on a topic rich for these kinds of (okay, yes, really pretty arbitrary) requirements.

  6. If this weren't an online course, I would suggest finding a reason to require something only available at your uni in physical form, like an old journal on microfilm, just to watch them explode.

  7. Where do these arguments come from? What do they think their role is? This kind of bullshit just astonishes me and makes me feel like the old lady on the lawn ranting at the kids on bikes.

    In my day, sonny, we followed the damn directions. Maybe we bitched about them to our friends, but openly challenge the teacher (much less the professor) about the requirements of an assignment? Unfathomable.

    What social development did I miss that led to an entire generation of parents having no backbone?


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