Friday, July 12, 2013

Denise Needs to Go to Omaha...

...thanks to Cal for letting me use his silly video account!

Leslie K


  1. Funny and painful at the same time.

  2. I have Denise in a class, too.

  3. Oh dear lord.....why can't these people just be failed for their incompetence??!!?!?!

    Let's see all the things wrong here:

    Denise didn't do the assignment right the first time.

    Denise is allowed a re-write.

    The prof is reminding Denise about the re-write. And its looming due date.

    Denise doesn't understand the assignment (which sounds pretty effing standard, if you ask me!).

    Denise needs to be given another syllabus because she lost hers.

    Denise can't seem to do college-level work ("I wrote an essay about my dead dog" vs. what sounds like a scholarly research summary).

    Denise wants to take long breaks from coursework (to go to Omaha).

    Denise hasn't done half of the required work for the course.

    Denise doesn't understand that she's failing a course (mostly because she hasn't handed anything in).

    Denise doesn't understand what a checkmark means on assignment.

    Denise thinks a 3-sentence paragraph is a "major assignment"!

    Did I miss any? I am sure I have....

    Even assuming some of this is hyperbolic for the purposes of crafting a compelling story, just 2 of the above should be standard grounds at any institution of higher learning to just give Denise a zero on the assignment, which will result in a big ole F as her final grade.

    Yet, how many of us have been "encouraged" (read: required) to chase after the Denises in our classrooms because their failure will be a big, black mark in the big teaching and retention book of the administration's offices? And how many of them do, indeed, actually get their well-earned Fs, only to have them appealed and perhaps raised to Ds or Cs?

    Aargh! I need a Tylenol.

  4. She should stay in Omaha. Although I think it's a lovely place.

    And Leslie K whipping out a vidshizzle! Yay.

    1. While Denise deserves to be somewhere, I don't believe that Omaha deserves her. Can't we export her?

    2. "What?? You just told me about it now!"


  5. "I bonked my head the other day, but the doctor said the X-ray didn't show anything."

    Delicious silence. Well done!

  6. The one part of this exchange Denise will remember: "just to to Omaha and have a good time."

    Brava, Leslie K! You need to do this more often!


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