Monday, September 16, 2013

Socratic method at work

"SUBJECT re: exam 1
hello, i am back from my trip and i have a few questions.
i was confused to how it will be formated. we have been looking at XYZ in class, will the exam be a compilation of XYZ from the covered material that we will be asked to identify or what?
also i know you hate answering this question, but i am a little behind due to my absence... what are the chapters i need to be reviewing. i am in the process of going through the book to fill in the handouts i missed.
thank you
john smith"

"Hi, John.
Did you get a copy of the exam study guide (it's up on Blackboard if you didn't)? Should make most things clear."

"i actually found right after i sent you that.
as far as format tho, is it a scantron test?"

and immediately,

"well shit i just found that out too.......sorry.

My job here is done.


  1. Dear Flake,

    Remember how I said that I would drop you if you went on that trip?

  2. Eh, our final drop deadline is so late in the term that I have to keep every precious flake I can so that my grades don't look inflated, as the on-the-ball flakes getting Ds or Fs will bail out. I depend on the out-to-lunch ones who forget to drop: they are precious to me.

  3. What part of the Socratic method is this? The part when he drinks the hemlock?

  4. I want him. At least he acknowledges that he's not quite the brightest of the bunch.

    1. Oh, so it's the "me? I'm a dumbass" part of the Socratic method.

      Fair dinkum.

    2. That works better for me than "it's you're fault. it's all you're fault." :)

  5. I would just not answer an email in which the "I"s are not capitalized.


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