Friday, November 22, 2013

Professor faces trial for '95 killing of alleged rapist. From USA Today.

photo: Orange County Register
Rejecting a plea deal and maintaining her innocence, a psychology professor now faces trial for her alleged involvement in the murder of a man she claimed raped her 18 years ago when she was a student in Southern California.

Norma Patricia Esparza, 39, who lives in France near the Swiss border and teaches in Geneva, was taken to jail Thursday after an Orange County judge revoked the $300,000 bail that had allowed her to remain free since last year. After previously pleading not guilty, she rejected the prosecutor's offer to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and be sentenced to three years in prison.



  1. I saw this story on Good Morning America today and there's something that seems quite odd about it all. Like most high profile crime cases, I'm sure we're not hearing everything yet.

  2. Like the Mounties, Orange County fuzz always gets their wo-man.

    Even if the whole thing will be thrown out of court on a raft of technicalities.

    And their Chief of Police winds up in my Siberian laborcamp system.

    And the RKKA retakes Berlin after the dead rise from their mass graves.

    And Zombie Stalin.


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