Monday, September 29, 2014

Big Doings in Utah.

Sure, we're no longer residents, but Google Alert still lets us know when college misery strikes in the Beehive State.

Some Flava.

A group of Brigham Young University students is protesting the Mormon church-owned school's ban on something its namesake once sported: a beard.
About 50 students, some donning paper beards, biked, skateboarded or rollerbladed their way from the Provo City Library to campus during the "Bike for Beards" protest on Friday night.
"I love BYU. I love being a student here," protest organizer Shane Pittson said. "But the rule on beards I find particularly outdated."
The 23-year-old international studies major and other students have launched a petition drive to get the school to lift the ban.

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  1. So, I have this brain that sometimes makes very quick associations. In this case, it hinges on "beard".

    BYU is reputed to be, shall we say, not as LGBT-friendly as other schools. The idea that they would ban one kind of beard while encouraging another is not so far-fetched. The idea that BYU's namesake could have had more than one kind of beard strikes me as ironically hilarious. (DIsclaimer: I don't know or care if the latter is true, and I'm certainly not saying it is true, I'm just saying it would be kind of ironic if it were, therefore it's kind of amusing to imagine.)


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