Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Class is More Important than Yours!

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I know that sometimes the little flakes are lying through their teeth when they say that "the ONLY time" Professor so-and-so will allow them to take a makeup exam, or to attend an absolutely VITAL study session, etc. etc., is JUST when my class is held and so I need to excuse them from MY class and then let them make up the work for ME and so on.

But sometimes they are NOT lying. I have started requiring an email from the other Prof as proof, and so I could gently inquire of my esteemed colleague if there might be a way to have our mutual flake not miss my class too?

SURPRISE! Sometimes my profflake colleagues really don't care, and knowingly put the student in the middle of the bad situation of two profs playing dominance games (with student attendance as the prize). Well, I TRY not play dominance games, but I do go into automatic "Who the fuck do you think you ARE?" mode when told (and yes, I have been told), "I'm sure that [student] will easily be able to make up the missed class with you, but the work/quiz/lab in MY class is REALLY important and no, there's just no other time they can make it up!"

The Program Chair, when informed just shakes hir head and mumbles, "Oh, I'm sure you two can work it out."

I am at a loss for an appropriate response to this colleague. That is, other than the rhetorical and not-very-useful WTFDYTYA!

- Horrible Meanie Prof


  1. Amen to this. I used to distrust the little shits all the time until I began to followup with some of my colleagues, the big shits. They sometimes almost proudly say things like: "I knew you wouldn't mind. Yours is just a discussion class, right? I'm giving exams."

  2. That sucks. If the professor is such a big shot, he should be able to get one of his many grad students to proctor the exam or lab. If he has to do it himself, then he's not so important after all. Tell him to fuck off.

  3. I would tell him "no my student can't miss you will need to adjust your schedule if you cannot compromise."

  4. When this happens to me (maybe once every other year, so thankfully not often) I try to make a point of quid pro quo by asking which class period of THEIRS the student can miss this week to come make up MY class. Such ego needs to be reminded to not suck up everyone else's air.

  5. What's this business about make-up? My classes happen when they happen. If the student can't attend for whatever reason, they are adults (in theory) and have to make a choice and live with the consequences. I don't give make-up, I don't accept late homework (try turning in a tender half an hour after the deadline, it will NOT be part of the evaluation group), and I really hate excuses. Also, this helps me avoid conflicts with colleagues, I have enough of them on other issues.

    1. Excellent point. I've been forced to drink the Kool-Aid so often that I didn't even imagine there was a way to say NO to make-ups. Either the class is a priority or it is not; I remember when I was tougher.

  6. These are also, I suspect, the same faculty members who, at the end of a semester that has suffered multiple weather interruptions, decide that, even though the provost has announced that the Monday make-up classes will take place on Tuesday, and the Tuesday make-ups on Wednesday, they will hold their Tuesday class as usual, on Tuesday, in the usual room, don't even think to check whether another instructor has a claim on that room at that time (even though they're teaching in a prime 11 a.m. slot), and refuse to leave said room when Monday instructor and her students show up.

    This is one among many reasons that allowing professors to carry guns on campus would *not* be a good idea, in my opinion.


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