Tuesday, September 16, 2014

That Didn't Take Long.


Countdown until censorship and content control begins ... now ... maintain the academic spirit of the original mods by deleting all comments that disagree with the clubhouse on When's the Meltdown?
at 8:19 PM


  1. that map is me? close, but go about 900 miles south and you will be closer

    and read your rules, "Please anonymize any identifying characters or places", but it's ok
    to try and out people? nice try though, same old mods, same old clubhouse rules

  2. I dated a girl from Eugene once. She was smarter than me, but not as smart as she thought. I used to take her to this club called Schnooner's for beer and fish and chips. I broke it off with her because she kept encouraging me not to go to grad school. I had a decent job but I wasn't doing anything that I wanted to do.

    Eugene is pretty though, except for the endless cloudy days.

    1. Dear God. It wasn't Judy was it? That'd be too big a coincidence. My Judy left me the week we were moving to Illinois for grad school. She ended up getting an MBA. I shudder to think at what I escaped.

  3. Nice to know the real crazies are still out there showing us we matter way more to them than they matter to us.

  4. Him again, and with the same, predictable, boring sentiment. Let us TAUNT him, so that he becomes so cross, he MAKES A MISTAKE. (Diabolical chuckling.)


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