Friday, September 19, 2014

Next time somebody complains that academics don't do useful research...

tell them to fuck off.  Then key their car.  I'm so sick of that bullshit.

Now, if somebody asks you, "What's the latest, most recent thing that professors have done in the lab that's even better than the rest of their awesome research?" then you can point them to this:

ISU professor develops 'world's purest' vodka

Based on tests conducted on other vodkas for van Leeuwen’s research, Titos was found to have the highest number of impurities with 49, Ciroc with 39 and Absolut with 16. A list of the impurities in 14 top vodka brands is attached to each bottle of IngeniOz.

Van Leeuwen said that the significance of this new purification process extends beyond supplying the “prudent vodka drinker” with a vodka that is as pure as possible. Along with the scientific reasons for decreasing hangover effects, IngeniOz also creates another opportunity for an additional byproduct of the corn in Iowa.

That right there is what we call advancing some science.

In all seriousness, the impurities do contribute to a hangover but they also provide taste.  I wonder how it changes the flavor.  Grab some shot glasses and a lab coat!  It's research time!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, you can make vodka from corn. I'm not sure if it tastes different from potato-grown vodka. You'll have to ask the faculty at University of Idaho.

    2. Typically Potato vodka is lower quality, where as grain or corn vodka is higher quality. Soviet peasants were given their rations in potato vodka, where as the Party elite would drink the high end stuff.


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