Sunday, October 5, 2014

Crime Beat: High School Edition.


  1. Are there no actual posts on the weekend?

    1. There could be if you sent one in to the RGM (see "email yer misery" link at right). That's how it works, and surely, as an adjunct, you have plenty of misery to report.

    2. I'm sure you could apply for a refund if you don't feel you're getting your money's worth.

    3. Hi Alice. It sort of depends. The page is being run by the worst and laziest moderator ever. Fab was good, Leslie was good, Cal was a god. But not me. I just barely keep the toilet clean, and I can't run the gizmos or the glowing boxes at all.

      Sometimes there will be new posts; sometimes there will not be. There's no telling.

      Here's a picture of a duck.

      Here's the Wikipedia page for Japanese Toilets.

      Enjoy, and come back next October!!

    4. I don't think it's the moderator's fault when there's no new content; that's on the community to share, so I vote that the first to criticize or complain be the first to contribute a post.

  2. Kids, kids, play nice. I just know what will stir up even more shit---to point out what every 16-year-old heterosexual boy in American thinks of this news article:


    What amazes me is that these women didn't think he'd talk about it afterwards. What amazes me more is that anyone believed him.


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