Sunday, October 5, 2014

Missed This One. Crime Beat Catch Up.

You posted the horrible story about Kirk Nesset, the kiddie porn prof from Pennsylvania yesterday, but you missed this story from my neighborhood:

The Flava.

A Merrimack College professor has been charged with possession of child pornography he allegedly accessed with a college computer, federal prosecutors said Friday.

Gary Spring, 61, was chairman of the civil engineering department and administrator of a youth summer camp at the North Andover campus when the pornography, which included images of young girls, was discovered, prosecutors said. He was arrested Friday and the college said he was fired.

Students say Spring was a nice guy that kept to himself.

The Rest.


  1. How does this qualify as college misery? These are just bad men. They roam the country, as anyone will tell you.

    What about a funny story about students.

  2. Misery is a gorgeous rainbow of pain, of many colors, like the coat of Jacob (or was it Joseph? One of those J names).

    Tell us some of your funny stories about students, Alice! This is a cocktail party, not a broadway show.

    1. College Misery the musical! God that would be awesome! somebody write and produce it and then we can all bitch about it!

    2. It'd be the biggest hit since "Spiderman"!

  3. A cocktail party, indeed.

    Make mine a double.


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