Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ask Adam Anything. New VidShizzle. "How Do I Prepare For My Oral?"


  1. "I'm your thesis advisor and I don't like you." I nearly snorted coffee out of my nose! My sister had a voodoo doll of her advisor because he was such a tool (ok, it was a Ken doll who had a run in with some long nails and the oven, but it got the point across)

  2. Yup. That sounds familiar....

    My Ph. D. supervisor neither liked me nor did he care about my research. During my defence, he asked questions that I couldn't answer, namely because I hadn't looked at that stuff in nearly 25 years. I have no idea why he did it, though I doubt he really cared about how well I knew the material in my thesis. For all I knew, he did it to demonstrate to the other committee members that he was "in charge".

    On the other hand, I doubt that jerk would have done that to his favourite grad student when she defended her Ph. D. thesis.

  3. I'm posting the answers to some of these questions, right here on the internet.
    1. Carbon
    2. 42 (It was not specified how many TOTAL molecules.)
    5. 42
    8. Beverly, Steve, Susan, and Dave I-LXXV
    12. Bowling shoes
    14. An Elm tree
    15. An El... shrubbery.
    16. The room or the particle?
    18. Black cocktail dress.

    Your welcome.

  4. Huh. Comment disappeared. Trying again:

    I love this guy. The answer to number 16 is "in the center of the infinite room," and he forgot someone who was present at my orals: "I'm hungover and perhaps still drunk, have no idea what you're talking about, and might be kind of fuzzy about who the hell you are, but here's my question."

  5. During mine, I was asked how come there are no green stars. I was able to cough up the answer that they wanted: because stars radiate with approximately thermal spectra, which are spread out over a much broader range of wavelengths than the eye can see. If I were asked that question today, I would whip out my smart phone, display my web page, and say, "But there ARE green stars!" This is because on my web page I have images I took of many stars, some of which look green because I took these images with a digital camera, which is sensitive to a broader range of wavelengths than the unaided human eye can see.

  6. Any sensible student knows that they should cite at least one article by every member of their committee, surely?


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