Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yay For Slippery Rock! From the Slippery Rock University Rocket!

I made this!
Everyone remembers the first semester that they scheduled by themselves, the hours spent scanning over the course catalogue, the defeat as all of your dream classes filled up, and skipping your Thursday 8 a.m. so you could (hopefully) get a spot in the class with two seats left. Spoiler alert, you never did. When all was said and done, what you probably did was ask around for easy liberal studies to take in place of eternally sought after core classes. 

If you were anything like us, you chose between two classes in favor of which professor got a higher rating on Rate My Professor. While RMP is an easy way to get an overview of professors and how easy their classes are, it’s important that you also take the extremely good or bad reviews with a grain of salt. 



Look at them kids at Slippery Rock!

You should see my own RMP ratings, not that I ever look at them. I'm clearly the "best" and "worst" professor. My class is "supereasy" and "ridiculously hard." I require "too much reading," yet "nobody has to use the book."


  1. I'm in my seventh year, and still only have two RMP ratings. Others in my school have similar reports. I don't think it's so much that our students have no faith in RMP as they are simply too lazy to even complain about us.

    1. RMP is like Wikipedia*; the involvement of the general public is dropping because all the low-hanging fruit has been picked, and who wants to hear the same illiterate complaint five times over three years?


      * Eric Barbour, founder of the tube synthesizer company "Metasonix" and former Wikipedian, has estimated that the website will run out of human editors sometime before 2020. This is due to the ever-expanding rules, the idiotically pedantic administrators, and the incompetence of the foundation that "oversees" the website.


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