Friday, December 12, 2014

Call for Spleenventing.

In Soviet Russia
the spleen vents YOU!
Should you wish to vent your spleen, please email your cranky epistles to the Real Goddamned Moderator.

We also accept the occasional light-hearted shrug of the shoulders type of post, or the rambling, incoherent babbling of someone either on acid or in the middle of grading 45 essays that all begin with, "In today's society..."

We don't mind linked articles. Some people hate them. But not us. We like them. But we ask you provide a little commentary. That way if we disagree with your take on it we can call you a pinhead with authority.

If you're fed up with the job market - or with job candidates - try us. If you're an adjunct ready to bomb the college that's fucking you for $2000 a class, send us your last will and testament so there's a record of it.

If you just want to let us know you're out there, still struggling, still a righteous believer, then we need that, too.

Angst? Natch. Ennui, even better. We do it all. Country and western.