Friday, December 12, 2014

Cal's Last VidShizzle of 2014.

Listen, I made a deal with Terry. He's going to let me post another video poem from my new book and I promise not to: 1) beg him to change the fonts and graphics, 2) send him 3 am emails about formatting problems I think are killing the page, 3) reveal that he in fact has an Ed.D degree.

This is the closing poem from my Spring 2015 collection, My Coolest Shirt. I'll be promoting it in Mpls/St. Paul in April at the AWP for any English / CW types who might attend.

I'm off on a bit of a lark-y golf vacation for a few weeks, so will not likely be around as the current year crashes into the next. So I will do my best Yaro impression and bid you a happy new year, glad tidings, as the string for 2014 has nearly unwound - in the manner.




  1. Cal, you are fucking King Kong.

  2. Very evocative. I especially like (what I think is) the sound of the starter motor at the very end.

    Enjoy your golfing expedition!


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