Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reckless Perturbation of Curriculum

This  has nothing to do with chemistry.  But guess what, creationist lunatic a-hole, I just approved it as your classmate's presentation topic anyway because you're a creationist lunatic a-hole and I want to bother you. I know this will give you an aneurysm, and I look forward to the Q&A.


  1. It's got to have something to do with chemistry. After all, everything's made of chemicals, right? In any case,sounds good to me.

  2. That's some good educating! Seriously. Student A will get to find some way to tie astrophysics to chemistry (creative!), while student B will get to face some cognitive dissonance.

  3. Actually, the protoplanetary disk that this image depicts has everything to do with chemistry, since: (1) the earliest stages of star formation start in interstellar molecular clouds, (2) the ALMA array observes at wavelengths that are dominated by the spectral lines of these interstellar molecules, (3) interstellar molecules and dust grains cool down interstellar gas so that it can clump together under gravity to form stars, and (4) plenty of molecules are forming in this disk, and they have everything to do with how the planets are forming in this disk, too. Also, it's unnecessary to say "creationist lunatic a-hole": all creationists are that way.


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