Monday, November 17, 2014

Vote For Your Favorite College Seal.

Which of these do you like? It doesn't matter. Don't even bother voting. Just go back to what you were doing.


  1. A seal, a duck, and an alpaca walk into a bar.

  2. Is the seal saying that Skidmore College lasted only from 1911 to 1922? That's some pretty awful administration, even for higher education.

  3. Skidmore College. It has a magical unicorn. Life is better with unicorns...

  4. The Harcum College Seal Motto translate to "Deeds Before Words" which doesn't describe any higher education I'm aware of. Can I just vote against that one?

  5. The administrators at the place I used to teach at expected me to behave like a trained seal....

  6. My favorite always be from school in the completely forgettable Kevin Kline movie, In & Out, where he portrays a conflicted gay teacher.

    Studiare, Imparare, Partire
    Study, Learn, Leave.

  7. Excuse me, but the very dumbest, ugliest university logo has GOT to be Fresno State's. Mercifully, it doesn't feature a sheep. It features a cross-eyed, beetle-browed, slope-shouldered, bow-legged, pigeon-toed, drooling idiot who has every appearance of having rabies. Here he is:

    1. Whew...thought you were going to direct us to faculty photos....

  8. Skidmore definitely gets the prize for the curlicue-iest (and yes, there's a unicorn!), and is that a duck I see perched on the helmet at the top of Harcum's? Still, I'm with Cal: I like Vassar's. It's simple, classical, contains a female figure (who's presumably allegorical, but could also be a student), and actually signals the centrality of learning to the institutional mission (Juniata does pretty well on that score, too, but I still like Vassar's).

  9. Skidmore College's name reminds me of Skid Row the rock group, and nobody wants to bring forth the dread spectre of `80s hair bands.

    University of Freiburg's seal has a nice look:

    Moscow State U.'s is just the giant building surrounded by a wreath and the year 1755, when Mikhail Lomonosov set up the place. Not scary enough.


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