Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snowplow Stevie is Stuck.

to: Prof. Fulton Fred  
Fm: Snowplow Stevie
I went skiing this weekend. I meant to come back yesterday, but they cancelled all bus service back home. I thought I might get out this morning, but everything's backed up, so I guess I may not be in class for the midterm. I should've anticipated this, but I wanted to let you know ahead of time.

So last Thursday, I was supposed to give my 3 classes a midterm. Being in the New England, we've had snow days the last 3 Mondays so we had Thursday follow a Monday schedule. This puts off the exam until tomorrow.

So this snowflake (sorry - I couldn't resist) decides to take about a 2 hour (in good weather) bus ride to do some skiing. Now, he finds out that a very well-forecast blizzard hit eastern Mass. and travel plans are all over the place. So in effect, he's saying he probably can't make it in time to take the test because he decided to go skiing.

The douche level is off the charts. I was tempted to suggest he take up yoga and have self-induced marital relations, but he probably wouldn't have gotten it. It's times like this that I'm glad I drink.

- Fulton Fred


  1. You know, if it's just one student and it only happens once, in this kind of situation I just reply "OK" and let it slide. Just make a note of who it is, so he/she doesn't try it again.

    And how could I say otherwise, since I just sent email to my students canceling a seminar for today. I'm snowed-in on the mountains, the freeways are an icy mess. Don't feel like risking a 70 mile drive to the campus today.

  2. One less exam to grade..

    No, I'd probably follow Peter K's advice. Just schedule the retake at the most inconvenient time for the student.

  3. One good thing about my joint is that we have an Office of Student Appeasement whose job includes dealing with all exam excuses. This way the chronic offenders are discovered and thwarted. Many students' relatives have been spared from untimely deaths as a result.


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