Sunday, July 5, 2015

Santa Fe Sid Sends In "That Salary Chart That Makes Me Suicidal Every Year."


  1. Perhaps I'm being dim, but I need more context. What about this chart particularly?

    1. Well, it tells me something I already knew: that I ended up in the ass end of a state system and am underpaid compared to many of my colleagues.

      But, I count myself as lucky, none the less, and just try to enjoy the ride.

  2. Sid says:

    "That my own numbers after years of servitude do not approach those of comparably employed professionals."

  3. I make $30,000 less than indicated on the chart. My school is in the lower ranks of pay, but still.......

  4. I always wonder where they get these numbers.

  5. I think my feelings might lean more toward the homicidal (but, fortunately, specific-target-less) end of the scale.

    I guess I'm doing pretty well for an instructor/lecturer (which is probably the category into which I officially fall) at a state institution. However, I'm doing very badly for an associate professor (which is the title I officially hold, adminittedly with "contract" appended to the beginning. As the caption to the old cartoon with the two kids peeking into their diapers said, "that explains the differences in our salaries"). When you take into account (very high) local cost of living, nobody at my institution, including my tenured colleagues, is doing very well. I assume stratospheric costs of living in a few university-heavy cities, combined with the existence of law schools, med schools, b-schools, etc., help explain some of the highest numbers, 'cause they sure aren't explained by the salaries of humanities proffies (or even, I'm pretty sure, practicing scientists with good grant-getting records).


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