Saturday, July 4, 2015

Recently, We've Gotten More Mail Like This. And Yes, It's Certainly Possible It's All A Put-On By One of Our Wiseacre Community Members, But Have You Read Your Cousin's Facebook Page?

I don't know how to address you since you don't have the guts to put your name on your page.

But I did want to say that you need to start posting something more substantive to warn your students about the destruction of this country.

Like this article from
Ten thousand college students, many of whom may not be able to find a good full-time job when they graduate, were cheering socialism at a Democratic political rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday.
The campus rally took place at the "People's Republic of Madison," also known as the University of Wisconsin. The speaker was Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-described ultra-socialist, and the kids who were lustily cheering him loved the agenda he was peddling.
It included tuition-free public universities, paid vacations for everyone, a generous boost in the minimum wage (that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says would kill up to 1 million jobs), lengthy maternity leave, a breakup of the big banks, the end to income inequality, and a roar of approval for a dramatic reduction in unemployment among young adults.
And Sanders said this revolutionary, left-wing agenda was just for starters if he is elected president of the United States next year. "Please, think big, not small," he told the students.
How big? Well, Sanders made that clear throughout the course of his speech to the adoring crowd. His campaign wasn't about him, he said repeatedly. It was a grass-roots movement to redistribute America's wealth.
The reigning left-wing ideology among the University of Wisconsin's student body is tailor-made for Sanders and for presidential candidates like him. For anyone running for president, this is a mandatory stop on the campaign trail.
President Obama spoke on the Madison campus twice, addressing a crowd of 30,000 in 2012. He didn't just win the student vote, he owned it.
Their professors had thoroughly brainwashed them, turned them into unthinking, robotic, knee-jerk Democrats who didn't have a clue about what goes into creating a healthy, job-creating, prosperous economy.

Do something with your lives and help make this country what it once was before people like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama ruined it. 

Think of how much more pleasant you're already cushy professor jobs will be when a Republican pumps BILLIONS into the economy through American made jobs!


  1. This from a guy whose newspaper has had up to 2 billion dollars from the Moonies?

  2. See my post from yesterday to see how well Republican economic policies work. And just to think, ever since the '60s, Fresno has been Reagan country. You could also look at how the great state of Kansas has been doing, under Sam Brownback.

  3. "cousin's Facebook page" cracked me up this morning. Recent societal and political events have fired up a good portion of my extended family, all warning of the end of civilization.

  4. I wish I could "brainwash" my students into doing the required reading and turning in their assignments on time. (I could add not to mention using "your" and "you're" correctly but that would be kind of a cheap shot.)

  5. God forbid a candidate suggest we might emulate some policies that the Western European nations currently enjoy. It's not like they are our major allies or that their citizens are as free as we are. sheesh. The righties toss around "socialism" like we used to use the word "cooties" on the playground when we were in first grade.

  6. I'm not from the US and could be wrong, but...

    "...when a Republican pumps BILLIONS into the economy through American made jobs!"

    isn't it true that the Democrats have a better record on job creation?

    1. Every Republican president since Nixon has left the U.S. manufacturing work force smaller, the dollar lower, the federal budget deficit higher, and the American trade position weaker, than when he took office. The mention of Bill Clinton by our Republican friend here makes me giggle, since because so many of his policies resembled those of Republicans (for example, free trade and capital punishment), he's been called the most effective Republican president since Eisenhower.

  7. Yes, yes... I'll get right on that and hop to your command, O All-Seeing One. I'll slip pro-socialist messages into the comments I'm feverishly typing into the margins of FYC students' annotated bibliographies, and I'll interject talking points about the greatness of organized labor while I describe the internal organization of formal proposals to my tech writing class. Glory, glory hallelujah, I have seen the light!

  8. If somebody actually has a plan for making even the jobs we've got now (nationwide, not just in the academy, but including the academy, please) not cushy, but decent, with basics like a living wage, health benefits (job-related or gov-provided single payer, take your pick), retirement, sick leave, paid vacation, and predictable, humane scheduling in place, I'm all ears. At the moment, in my experience, neither the majority of professors nor most working students have access to these basics, and the lack thereof is seriously undermining the educational process.

    It probably also explains why a lot of students (and professors) find Sanders' ideas pretty appealing. Better be careful how often you tell the rising generation "that's socialism," assuming that will turn them away; you might just end up with a generation that thinks socialism is a pretty good thing.

    (And no, I can't get my students to do anything I say, either, so don't blame me. At least outside the classroom, many of them are pretty good at thinking for themselves.)


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