Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Rascal Sends In A VidShizzle.

I hate how my colleagues kowtow to the undergrads. We're always trying to "meet them where they're at," instead of requiring them to come and find us. I'll admit I chuckled at this video a bit though, even though I do not care to understand their generation's slang, or the next, or the next.


  1. The really scary thing is that, with the possible exception of the several gray-haired white dudes, I'm pretty sure that I'm older than any of the old-enough-to-be-portrayed- as-out-of-it faculty portrayed on this video, many of whom look quite young to me (and chances are very good that I'm more or less the same age as the gray-haired dudes).

  2. I knew all these words except "mupload." But I like slang. I think it's a fun way to use language.

  3. These might seem idiotic, but remember the military adage, "Know your enemy."

  4. Here I thought "mupload" had something to do with that Leon Russell song, you know, the one that goes"

    Mup on the tight wire
    One side's ice and one is fire
    It's a circus game
    With you and me


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