Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Florida, Right?


What should we do? Water down these greetings with “Happy Holidays”? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being culturally sensitive to those who celebrate Christmas? I think so.

Couldn’t “Happy Holidays” be the most inclusive greeting because it is so non-specific? Yes, perhaps, but it is the non-specificity of “Happy Holidays” that makes it inappropriate because it fails to recognize the importance of Christmas to Christians while it also suggests that Chanukah should be more important to Jews than the high holidays and festivals that come at other times during the year.

I would suggest that we take a new approach that observes “the holidays” we all have on our calendars, no matter our religion.

My friends and I wish each other a “Happy Federal Holiday."



  1. Went down to my local maul today. I survived it.
    It was Happy Holidays all around.
    Maybe I should ask them if they need to air some grievances?
    I'd recommend against it in your particular line of work.

  2. Actually, like a definitive statement about the holiday - none of this namby-pamby generic stuff for me. Still, no one really gets it when I tell then happy Saturnalia or joyous Mithras Day. So, I'm grumpy


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