Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The sushi and banh mi at Oberlin's cafeteria aren't authentic enough.


Oberlin, a private college with a $50,000 tuition, has entered once more into this year’s Tedious Campus Culture War Debate. After hearing complaints that its sushi program wasn’t good enough for reasons of racism, the place of learning has issued an apology.



  1. Aargh. As an Asian-American and a serious foodie, I'm embarrassed. Don't those overprotected kidlets realize that ALL school cafeteria food sucks? It's probably safe to say their school's kitchen screws up French crepes and German sauerbraten (if they even get that ambitious) just as badly.

    My advice to them: Suck it up, console yourselves knowing your loathing of dorm food is shared by people of all races, and pig out on the good stuff when you go home to visit your family.

  2. If I said what I wanted to on this story, the RGM might banh mi from commenting.
    (I'll get my coat).

    1. nice...but I still think punning in another language is so insensitive

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  4. Dear students: please appreciate our American culture. We generally serve sucky food in cafeterias. It's also another important authentic cultural experience these days that American college administrators have no backbone. Enjoy. While I share the your dismay at finding coleslaw in your banh mi, I hope the French-style baguette was adequate. Authenticity being what it is.

  5. I hear the food is even worse at Miami U.

  6. Judging from the pics, I'd have been thrilled with food like that at any institution I have ever attended or worked at. Would I have taken it for genuine representation of an ethnic cuisine? Ha. no. No more than Taco Bell or my local Chinese take out. Would I have thought it a respectful attempt to expand a cafeteria beyond chicken croquettes with canary-colored gravy? Yup. My college was in a working class town with one traffic light and a lot of horse poop from Amish buggy horses. That would have


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