Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Data Breach for The Site That Shall Not Be Named...


I'm Cyrus from Cincinnati, a long time reader and former contributor.  I received this email below and thought the CM community would relish the potential harm that their students may receive due to their use of RMP and this data breach.

Why did I get this email? Because I submit faux reviews of my colleagues. They are all positive comments, meant to attract students to their classes (and reduce the enrollment in mine) and fool the idiot administrators who peruse RMP as a way to evaluate faculty. Which reminds me, fall semester is over. Time for some reviews...


  1. a. Having a little chuckle over this one.

    b. Either North Korea or Strelnikov could be behind this.

    c. I hope "our" guy on there is OK. The dude who actually doesn't exist, but gets ratings anyway. Can't recall his name...

  2. Regarding the possibility that ratings on the site may be less-than-genuine as a result of this incident, RMP states "We have not seen indications that the compromised information has been used without authorization or that ratings submitted to the Site were implicated in the incident."

    Right. As if they could ever tell an "authorized rating" from a fake.

  3. I talked to an administrator about the site once as we were reviewing a job candidate. I pointed out how easy it was to put up fake evaluations. This Dean was hell bent on using "insider" evaluations to help us pick a new faculty member and all he said to my news was, "Well, SOME of them on there are real, right?"


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