Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Arrest of college professor raises questions about free speech at the Georgia Capitol. From Savannah Morning News.

State Troopers handcuffed and arrested Kennesaw State University philosophy professor Amy Donahue for disruption of the General Assembly and obstruction of an officer. She was holding a 22-by-28-inch sign opposing legislation that the Senate later passed 37-17 that would allow students 21 years old and older to have a concealed weapon on college campuses.

A woman accompanying Donahue said legislative officials told them holding a sign would be permissible on the Capitol floor that legislators use, but a statement from the Georgia State Patrol quoted a state law authorizing security officers “to deny entrance into or upon any such property or building of any person displaying any sign, banner, placard, poster, or similar device.”

Donahue had already been allowed entrance to the building with her poster and had even ventured to the fourth floor before her arrest on the busy third floor.


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  1. Big crowd for your panicky gun articles. Way to zeitgeist.


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