Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I hate everything. From Nick. And that cursive article too below.


  1. Well, what do you know... I've been using the "wrong" fingers on my left hand when I type out FUCK.

    It seems that I type in whole words or runs of several letters, and the finger I use for a particular key depends on what came before. But then again, before I learned to type, I learned piano.

  2. Seeing how most people are right handed, and how they pick their noses mainly with their index fingers, now you know why the y, u, j, n, and m keys are so messy, although the p and ; keys are dreadful, too.

  3. Fascinating posts this week. Great job krysta.

  4. Now Mark Twain knew how wear me some spats!!! And Samuel wascreportedly good looking in a corset. But even they knew the value of a typewriter:


    BTW..did you know my name can be a link?

  5. Why do G and H always get the shaft? They're not on the chart! Let me re-write that...

    Wy do and always et te saft? hey're not on te cart! Let me re-write tat!

    'nuff said 'bout tat.

    1. You sir, are correct. What can the Ghashghai do?


  6. I remember taking typing class back in high school. Why was I taking a typing class? I wasn't planning on becoming a secretary. That was 75 goddamn hours of my life that I wish I'd spent doing almost anything else.


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