Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cursive Handwriting, Reading, and Spelling Achievement


  1. Krysta you ate really running the page right. Be outta bigness in no time.

  2. I'll say, since this is genuinely useful to me. I'd very much like to improve my handwriting, especially for writing on the board in class. I can also almost see the argument that while reading cursive still matters, writing cursive may not. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Mere cursive? Written vs reading cursive? Damned steel quills!!! If geese ain't running from your composition class in fear, the retched Palmerists have won.

    "Spencerian script...used in the United States from approximately 1850 to 1925[1] and was considered the American de facto standard writing style for business correspondence prior to the widespread adoption of the typewriter."

    And, clearly, Spencerian script is quicker, more legible, more elegant, and essential for clear business communications.

    Why to not use it is like coming to class not wearing spats nor corset! Hmmph, hummmph.

  4. I was taught to print and then to write in cursive. To this day I write in cursive as it is significantly easier.

    Does it really matter? Honestly, no. We should probably be teaching kids to print and to type. Cursive and shorthand have largely outlived their usefulness. Even though I definitely find it useful, it probably would have been more useful to focus on my typing instruction. Although my skills there are also quite considerable simply because I am a complete nerd.

  5. I have terrible handwriting, and always have. I print out of respect for my student's eyes so they can actually read my comments. I type everything except marking essays: inserting comments takes me FOREVER, whereas I can quickly proof-mark student work.


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