Friday, March 25, 2016

In which Bella says "Hello!" from the compound

This is a picture of a swan boat. It's a damn nice swan boat.  

They have these at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando, just a few miles from the compound.  I stopped in, did some Spring cleaning, and finished the whiskey (sorry, Walt!!).  Left some fresh cut flowers for Crystal when she gets back.  There's a great sushi place just down the road!

Orlando is gorgeous this time of year!


  1. I think a picture of a swan boat is a good stand-in for picture of a duck. A boat shaped like a duck would be pretty cool, too.

    Except, "swan boat" and "duck boat" are used in entirely different ways. If you search the web for images of each, you'll find that while one is most often a shaped to resemble its namesake, the other is quite often designed to escape detection by its namesake to facilitate killing of same.

    1. Or there's this kind of duck boat, not shaped like a duck either, but instead a WWII-relic amphibious vehicle used for tours in several cities, and which, at least in Boston, can on occasion be seen driving by the swan boats (I didn't know there were swan boats in Orlando; I associate them with Boston. Wherever they're located, they do indeed, make a nice stand-in for the ever-useful CM duck).


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