Sunday, March 6, 2016

University of Manchester lecturer investigated after his secret life as a porn star is revealed

I am not an academic myself, but I have followed you, and Rate Your Students for years. I wonder if you might be interested in this. 

Chemistry proffie by day;
porn star by night.
Nicholas Goddard, Manchester University. 


  1. > His family were apparently unaware of his other job, which involved him having sex with dozens of women - often wearing only a gold watch.

    OK. I'm confused. Would it all have been OK if he'd been wearing, I don't know, a Tweed jacket with leather patches on the elbows, too?

  2. I'm also confused.
    What kind of gold watch were the dozens of women wearing?
    Maybe as a chemistry prof, a lab coat would have been better than tweed?

  3. I saw some pictures of him but not the actual movies. He did this as an older man and is still recognizable. According to Metro Ko UK ("Chemistry professor, 61, has awkward side job as porn star called ‘Old Nick’"), he has only stopped in January. That makes a difference. If he did it when he was much younger, one could argue that his younger self does not really exist any more and it's hard to imagine anyone recognizing him now. However, it looks like he is perfectly recognizable and his activities may have been quite recent.

    However, there are many people who look like somebody else. Why didn't he simply deny that it's really him? He should have let those who don't believe him prove it.

  4. It's always the chemist!

  5. So many great snippets just ready for misinterpretation:

    "When approached by the M.E.N. at his home,. . ."
    "Prof Goddard appears in a number of videos on the university’s website . . ."
    "We can confirm that we know about it and that he is a member of staff . . ."

    The inner Beavis and Butthead is in full force tonight.

    1. Yep. I could be really naughty with this one:

      "He said he didn’t get paid much during his stint as an adult movie star, but did get travel expenses"

      ...but I won't.

  6. My parents will kill me if I fail Chemistry. Isn't there some way I can get it up? Maybe some extra credit? I'll do anything.

  7. Way to go, Nick!

    I'm hoping this story influences how people perceive chemists. Since Breaking Bad was on TV, everybody asks me if I make meth. I'd rather be associated with this.

  8. Well that, um, raises some interesting questions about academic freedom and what professors choose to do in their off hours.

    Too bad he admitted not making much money w/ the porn job. Otherwise his situation could have sparked a discussion of academic wages.

  9. Oh dear, it seems my knees have involuntarily sewed themselves together.

  10. A 2nd career, and a rather demanding one at that (both physically and mentally) AND still active with research... someone needs to interview him about tips for time management...


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