Thursday, April 14, 2016

Coming soon to a nightmare near you.

(Some question marks are intentionally omitted because this asshole's intonation betrays his disdain for any kind of answer.)
---from OPH.


  1. This happened to me, today.
    I swear boss was wearing the exact same suspenders.
    Damn me. I may need a wiseacre beer.

  2. This is the "Office Space" meme I have been waiting for. And I believe you have my stapler!

  3. This is one reason I stick with my present institution: I'm pretty sure this won't happen (because we've got a NTT faculty evaluation rubric that puts evaluations in their place/in perspective). (Also that fact that, unlike some of the small teaching-oriented colleges in the middle of nowhere that are probably the only other places that would hire me to a position at an equivalent --relative to local cost of living -- salary at this point, my institution seems unlikely to go out of business before I retire.)

    Oddly, my evals (which I recently gathered as part of the usual not-quite-the-end-of-the-year required-even-though-there-aren't-any-raises-at-stake navel-gazing exercise) weren't too bad this time. Well, there was the usual dichotomy between well-organized/explains everything clearly and horribly disorganized/all the course materials are way too wordy in the comments, but the numbers were higher than usual. Probably just a fluke.


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