Thursday, April 14, 2016

We are getting a lot of these in the queue.

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  1. OMG, I am so there! I am really hoping to maximize my disruptive entrepreneurial hoo-ha! (Are folks OK if I streamline my handle, or do you prefer my first one? Or, if you don't give a crap, can I get a what-what?)

  2. Can I interest you in a conference held in China which has nothing to do with you research field? Perhaps you could respond to our call for papers for a journal that is not indexed? It's open access!

    1. The ones I get always seem to have something to do with my field, if only because they're incredibly broad ("international conference of humanities, social sciences, business, engineering, and bottle-washing" -- with, of course, accompanying open access journal).

    2. Before the washing come the emptying and reasons for (and consequences of) same, and before those come the filling and selling. Thus does it seem like these activities are all nicely related.

  3. He's a bit less sinister-looking than the guys facebook serves up to me as potential dates, but I still think I'll pass, if only because the product sample provided isn't all that impressive.

    1. But... he's worn his best T shirt for you!

      To me, the picture evokes what I might see through the peephole. I'm a pretty good tipper: those pizza guys spend a lot on gasoline.

  4. Fortunately, I no longer need to concern myself with money. I have won the German lottery several times and I have a Nigerian friend who needs some help with an awkward banking situation and will pay me well for my aid.


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