Monday, April 25, 2016

How Things Work...

We're a dysfunctional and open forum for college instructors. Readers supply content by clicking the sidebar envelope icon and sending in their miserable stories ("the misery"). The icon will open an email to our site. Write your email exactly as you'd like it to appear and include a pseudonym at the bottom.

Your post goes into a queue and goes online in a few hours. We've been averaging about 12,000 pageviews a week, so some folks just as cranky as you will read of your troubles and offer a topper or commiseration in the occasionally lively comments.

If you just want to offer up some comments, that's even easier. You don't need to sign in or anything. Under the comment link you can choose "Name/URL" where ALL you have to do is type in your pseudonym. (No URL is necessary, though some wiseacres include a funny URL and bored users sometimes stumble across surprising links to erection cream, election results, or login pages for The Chronicle, our longtime nemesis. Longtime users, some with this page and a previous one for as many as ten years, find having a Google account under their user name handier, but it's not mandatory.)

Welcome to you. If you are a poor college instructor who has been vexed by students, colleagues, administrators, or, we are your people.

Compound Crystal
The RGM (Real Goddamned Moderator)
College Misery


  1. Like this? (This can be an imposing place because so much seems like "inside info.") Thanks for the tip.

    1. That worked! I see the link. Haven't tried that trick myself yet, though I think I understand how it works.

  2. Again and again, thanks to Crystal for doing the necessary grunt work maintaining this site.

    You can hide wiseacre links into you commenting name? This World Wide InterGoogle is amazing!!!

  3. We all know by now what a thankless job this is, so thanks for taking it on, Crystal.


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