Monday, April 25, 2016

Informative Spam.

This comment on a recent post (also reproduced below) is clearly spam, but seemed worth a post of its own.  Do such services truly exist, I wonder, and, if so, are they scam as well as spam, or is the misery of grading for naught, as students with the money and the right connections will simply have the grades over which we labored changed by their friendly (global) neighborhood hacker?  Maybe this is a way to save oh-so-busy Dean Sprocket some work?

Permit me to share my testimony on this platform. I didn't do well in my finals.Mike introduced me to some hacker lo and behold this guy got me up to a GPA of 3.90. He can change grades also, database hack, clearing of criminal records, credit, bank transfer and all forms of hack


  1. They 100% would not use that kind of email address if they were legit. And they would not advertise their services thusly. They'd use some temporary, disposable email.

    1. Yes, I agree. Only on the Dark Net.... never mind. Please delete this reply.....

  2. It's far easier to pay the student IT workers to do this, like students have done at my school.

  3. They're missing a great opportunity. Think of it. They could market to us professors, to go in and change our 8:00am classes to 11:00am, reduce enrollment in our 25 student composition courses to 15, and move money from administrative salaries to professorial ones. At that point, we might as well just hire them as our registrar.


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