Monday, May 2, 2016

Draw Your Professor.

This site is new to me, though it looks like it's been around for a while (there aren't any dates, so I'm not sure how long). A few observations:

These two, except for the different names, could easily be of the same professor, seen from the perspective of different students. It certainly feels, some days/weeks, like female professors inevitably end up at one pole or the other of this dichotomy. But here's a more balanced one (given a choice, I'd rather be seen as "chill" than "nice"). And this one at least contains a classical allusion.

Of course male professors (the same male professor, in fact) are sometimes seen from equally divergent perspectives. And sometimes (rather often, in my brief survey) male professors are reduced to a single part of their anatomy. That happens to women, too, though perhaps a bit less often.

The F- seems to be another common motif. And of course there's the ever-popular professor as devil (or vampire). Sometimes the devil gives Fs (and calls you stupid).

But quite a few portraits seem goofily fond, or even quite artistic.

All in all, it's horrifying and edifying in somewhat the same way that retweets from the CM account were.

--Cassandra (who admits to sometimes feeling like this, or this).


  1. :(.

    Mine looks nothing like me!

    I am a much bigger ass.

  2. I used to doodle sketches of professors in the margins of my notebooks from time to time. I've tried several time to learn to draw well; what I've accomplished is enough sense of space and line to support good board presentation without exhibiting any actual talent.

    I'm a little disappointed that no one has bothered with anyone in my building. But I did find a couple of professors I had as an undergrad. One was good, the other a waste.

    Seriously, you drew a stick figure of him?!? He has distinctive facial features and dress habits that cry out for caricature; do a respectfully good job and you might get a laugh out of him even though he rarely smiles.

  3. *Sigh* How long do you suppose it'll be before the Admins start wanting to this as part of proffie evaluations?

  4. Damn. My school isn't even on this. I'll just have to keep surveying the bathroom walls for similar art.


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