Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bacon Ban. Paul Quinn College bans pork from campus dining. From InsideHigherEd.

You, too, can be O.K. without pork.

That’s the message of Michael J. Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College in Dallas. Well, part of the message at least – after all, Sorrell didn’t ban pork from his campus dining facilities arbitrarily. No – the decision to stop offering any pork products was based in a much broader institutional philosophy, the president says.

“When you come to college, you come to be educated,” Sorrell said. “We thought we could do more in the area of promoting healthy lifestyle choices and healthy eating habits.”
In a brief statement announcing the decision Tuesday, Sorrell put it like this: “Eating pork can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, sodium retention and heart problems, not to mention weight gain and obesity. Therefore, as a part of our continued effort to improve the lives and health of our students, Paul Quinn College and its food service partner Perkins Management have collaborated to create a pork-free cafeteria.”



  1. Ahh yes, health initiatives based on questionable science! (like the science linking low fat diets to lower fat in your body- all based on very faulty studies, there's a great article about this in the NY times from like 10 years ago called "what if it's all a big fat lie?").

    A better initiative for obesity would be to ban all white bread on campus. Or all refined flour products in general.

  2. Ah, the return of the lousy graphics. And you can't even blame the blur on this one.

  3. No white bread and no sugar-water drinks. That'd drive all the kiddos away.

  4. Doesn't meat have the same cholesterol levels, at least very close, for fish, pork, chicken, red meat?

    Still, doing away with pork is a step in the right direction.

    Also, Taubes, author of that NY times article, is a fat ass.


  5. And I thought I lived in a "Nanny State."

  6. "Bacon is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Ben Franklin.

    Seriously, watch this be spun on by certain anti-Islam individuals as proof of creeping Sharia law or some such...

    1. That should read "Beer" not "bacon". Don't mess with beer.

  7. This is what has happened in my campus with smoking. So now dozens of students pile in the narrow walkway outside my building where, being legally outside the university, the prohibition does not apply. One of these days a car is going to hit a student . . .
    They also make us sign a pledge not to smoke in order to get a "discount" in our health insurance. Not to avoid a penalty, of course: they just raised the monthly rates by n, and they offered this "voluntary" discount.

  8. Just another example of how stupid university and college presidents can be. This one couldn't even take five minutes to consult reliable sources on nutrition.


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