Friday, January 4, 2013

If you are stressed, you must be doing it wrong.

Put your cocktail down before reading, unless you are working on building up that martini patina on your vintage 2009 laptop.

According to some dude, who the hell knows what his qualifications are, "college professor" is the least stressful job.

I told you put your glass down. Don't be blaming me.

Here is some delightful flava from the original:

"Professors are kings of their kingdoms," said Tony Lee, publisher of and "They tell students what they must do."
Now before you go on a rant about maybe he just interviewed silverbacks or something, I will have you know that Mr Lee does grant that whether a prof is tenured might be a factor, BUT, and I stress the but here, he didn't actually, like find that out in his "research". So, you know, guessing or something. YMMV.

Not had your fill of nonsense? Read more here or at the source here. What do you know, they cite the Crampicle. I knew those monkeyfighters were just lounging on their chaises longues eating bonbons.


  1. I would follow these links, but today I'm too busy replenishing my office wet bar and refining my strategies of feudal lordship over a double bourbon. Eat your hearts out, MBAs.

    1. Oh, replenishing your office wet bar is so last season, dahling! Get your serfs--I mean, first-year grad students--to do this. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a two-hour hot stone massage before laying waste to several student careers ...

    2. My serfs, I mean grad students, make off with all the booze before any of it gets to me, no matter how many times I have them flogged.

    3. Then you need to get Bedouin; hack off fingers if they steal.

  2. One gent I know
    Likes to torment NTTs
    With "if you don't like it,
    Just go get you some tenure!"

    And he laughs. He's such a prick.

    1. He deserves a place in the 8th circle, between the usurers and the real smegheads, shoved face-down into a flaming pit of corruption, for being such a flaming asshole. I remember my time as an Accursed Visiting Assistant Professor: it wasn't fun.

      This article has once again confused the life of an academic superstar with that of a typical academic. It's not particularly accurate about the life of an academic superstar.

  3. If this job is so stress-free, I wonder why I spent all last night having several long nightmares about it.

  4. My job is less stressful to me than my jobs in the army or in the manufacturing industry were. So what? It might just be me and what work I'm suited for. I'm doing the work I was meant to do, and it stresses me less than doing the work I wasn't meant to do.

    On the other hand, I too had a nightmare about work last night . . . .

  5. Replies
    1. Or perhaps I'm just in the wrong discipline!

  6. I am queen of my domain. I still need Xanax, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants. And oatmeal every day or the plumbing stops working.

    And last night I had a bad dream that my office was buzzing with several large and angry bees, who crawled out from behind my bookcases, and from under my desk.

    School hasn't even started yet.


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