Friday, January 30, 2015

Libraries, Amirite?


  1. "This is not how we want the university to be perceived," OSU spokesman Steve Clark told the Oregonian. "This is not what Oregon State is about."

    Yeah, I'll bet. Your library is so empty that women can strip and rub one out without anybody seeing them. Way to scholar, scholar.

    After Oregon State Police Trooper Christopher Graves watched the video—during which Sunderland strips and performs a "solo sex act," as the Oregonian put it—he cited her for public indecency.

    OK, I love this. It's probably unintentional but the structure of this sentence is great. After we read about a hot coed masturbating in the library, the sentence begins by saying that after a male cop watches the video ... You can think of dozen things he might do after watching that video. What did he do? There's a buildup in anticipation while the author explains the details of the show and then ... He writes her a citation. I hope her ending was more satisfying than the conclusion of that sentence.

    1. It seems the barracks' practice of spiking the troopers' water cooler with saltpeter has paid off in spades.

      Since our students have been required to buy their own laptops, utilization of our fancy computer labs has declined drastically. It occurs to me now, in my cynical state of mind, that the trend could be reversed if we installed webcams. But instead, I think we should just rip out all that fancy equipment and return the rooms to standard classroom space.

      This is why we can't have nice things.

  2. Wow what a waste of a library but every library has something like this.

  3. Since our library has decided, I shit you not, to get rid of books to create more "social spaces" for students, perhaps this is an improvement.
    I never got to schnogg in a library, not for lack of trying, but -- well, better than nothing, I guess.


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