Wednesday, April 20, 2011

really bad wednesday haiku, but only one

snow! april is the
cruelest month, this snow not deep
enough to cover

the pile of essays
begging for attention, like
small birds with open

mouths, too hardy to
freeze, too weak to survive in
any meaningful

way. dark letters, marks
against a sea of white, stones
in too-shallow snow.


  1. Any haiku on any day is welcome. I've been missing them, and this hit the spot (even though it's unseasonably warm where I am, the situation described is otherwise all too familiar).

  2. Love it...thanks, Greta!

  3. There once was a poet named Gretta
    Ben thought he could write betta.
    He tried to type
    But it was all tripe
    so he quit.

  4. It's April 20.
    Gretta's high.
    The haiku is bad.
    Gretta is good.

  5. Thanks, Greta, the imagery of the baby birds in the snow made me cry a little bit. Envisioning the pile of essays I, too, have, made me cry a little more.


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