Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome to a brief history of Misery Part 1

A few months ago I got the idea that a history of CM would be a fun way to celebrate its one year anniversary. Why not just open some Knob Creek and drink the night away? Good question. I was probably drunk when I made my decision. See, kids. This is the trouble alcohol causes.

I couldn’t bring myself to review all freakin’ 1600+ posts so don’t read too deeply into my selection. OK, let’s get started. I’ve got to go break a red wax seal when this is over.

The Impoliteness of Misery

This blog began as a home for Rate Your Students refugees so its initial two months of posts carried on that tradition. Even when Southern Bubba tried to spread some encouragement on Day 1, a commenter pissed all over it. Welcome to the internet.

July 13 marks our first CM on CM action and it was a beauty. Snark doesn’t kill people, Snark Rifles kill people. In fact, a lot my favorite early stuff is by Dr. Snarky. We all appreciate her expanding our vocabulary with the first mention of "fucktard".

Our unhealthy preoccupation with sex was apparent. My entry from August 15 was the best I’ve written so far but it’s not like I was the only one thinking about hot, sticky ... days of summer. Let me say right now that you people have filthy, filthy minds.

Nobody was spared. For example, some dude who talks funny started posting here and MPE jumps all over him. Thankfully, those days are behind us and nobody would ever say stuff about Yaro like that again.

It’s surprising to realize how much the site has changed. Everybody back then walked around like some kind of bad ass, telling us where to go and what to do. Some people wilted under the pressure.

Don't worry. This is the first of a series that I'll bug you with all day.


  1. It's sad to see all the ex-posters and short-timers in the comments....Even though we never got along, it would be nice to hear from Bernice one in a while.

    Random note to The Contemplative Cynic: Remember a few months ago, and we were talking about Fukushima, and you mentioned that your relatives owned a tiny truck? Did you mean one of those "kei" class trucks, or one of the early Datsuns? Because Daihatsu used to sell their micro-cars in the US, along with the flip-cab micro-trucks (they still use one or two down at the San Diego Zoo.) With Datsun/Nissan, the trucks got bigger and bigger every year, but the first units they sold in the US were slightly taller and wider than an Austin-Mini estate car.

  2. It's only been one single goddamn year? It feels like ten years. I need a bourbon.

  3. There better be a chapter about me.

  4. It's only been a year? Hot damn. Thanks for the memories, BB.

    I gotta say, I sure do miss CM's Wild West days. Ever since good ol' Yaro settled here and added his touch of gentility to these environs, snark rifles just haven't been welcome anymore.

    *sheds a single tear

    Maybe I need to revisit CM: The Musical and write new lyrics for Oklahoma... nah.


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