Thursday, June 23, 2011

Big Thirsty: Who will be next? How high does the prostitution fiasco go? Tricky Dick?

The academic people keep falling like dominoes. Most recently, the former President of the University of New Mexico has been arrested. He "currently holds the titles of visiting professor and distinguished professor emeritus."

Q. What should Garcia's new title be?

A. _______________________


  1. Title: Extinguished University Professor, holder of the Heidi Fleiss Chair of Commercial Comfort

  2. "Former President of the University of New Mexico Wishing I Was the Former President of the University of Nevada Las Vegas So This Shit Wouldn't Get So Much Play. I Mean, Hell, This Shit's Legal There."

  3. The Bishop Don Magic Juan, Dos

    Pimptron 5000

    You shifty motherf**ker!

  4. Burquepops, of course!

    (His nom du pimp.)

  5. All of the above deserve the grand prize.

    I'm slightly less creative. I would have just said: "Asshole Emeritus F. Chris Garcia."

    I can't even imagine if my university's president (or former president) turned out to be just another goddamn loser pimp. Shifty motherfucker, indeed.


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