Monday, August 22, 2011

Today was my first day of class after 3 months of being unemployed.  On the bright-side, I learned that the nasty lead tutor is no longer with us.  I'm still not going to offer my self to the tutoring center, as I can do private-tutoring on the side for $10 instead of Federal Minimum Wage.

I learned that all the IT bullshit was caused by another douche-bag at another campus.   Being the supervisor of the guys at our campus, this guy sits on all our work-orders and has the IT guys running around counting computer inventory.  Our department chair is working with the academic chair to try to get power transferred from the douche-bag to somebody at our campus.  Until then, IT is more dysfunctional than ever.

It was no surprise today when I discovered that the computers in my classroom were again not working.  Everything pertaining to my course is available online.  One of the cool things about that is the fact that the syllabus and text both exist in cyberspace.  I do not have to lug anything around.  Unfortunately, I could not show my students their syllabus or go through the web-based thingy with them.  Frustrating.  Reported it to IT but they were swamped with other things.

Problems were wide-spread all over campus.  Two classrooms were without electricity (wtf?!)  So, join me once again in chanting DIE IT DIE!

P.S.  Enjoy the following vidschizzle.   It always reminded me of the first day of class, no matter where I taught.

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  1. I always liked the break in the theme around 5:32....sounded like the makings of a good theme for a Depression-Era "We need to cross the Yukon in a month. On a sledge. With blind packdogs!" Ernest K. Gann-style movie.

    I stopped loving the transporter after I heard that melting Vulcan scream....


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