Friday, May 25, 2012

Quebec protests spread

Bill 78 is challenged in court
Everyone gets in on the act
Quebec Education department employees supporting students

This protest has legs.  When it began, it was about tuition; but now it's about the draconian and anti-Charter legislation passed in haste to quell the demonstrations, and middle-class, middle-aged professionals have been taking to the streets as well to protest that.  There have been mass arrests for the last two nights, which is reminding everyone of phenomenally unpopular legislation back in the 1970's (the War Measures Act).  Charest (the premier)'s support is plummeting.


  1. Merely: have you seen this?

  2. Yes! And I have posted it on Facebook.

  3. I'm in Quebec City and the protests are rather mild. The police even had a go with the microphone alongside the main student organizers. Very polite society, Quebec City. Is Montreal much different?


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