Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Grading.

Is there any better poetic justice than discovering that a most annoying grade grubbing snowflake has submitted a paper rife with plagiarism?

The syllabus states that plagiarism results in an automatic F for the course.

- Tina from Timbuktu


  1. And is the snowflake the type that is going to appeal the course grade?

  2. The only thing I ever found better was when the chroniverous weasel who stole almost 20 hours of my time arguing about grades, and then submitted a grade appeal submitted plagiarized work AS PART OF HIS GRADE APPEAL.

    (Grade appeal denied AND academic integrity violation found in the same hearing. YES!)

  3. I know when I'm grading a large set of quizzes I get so tired and flabby around the middle. It makes me want to get up and exercise, just move that body, burn that fat. I know you're like me, never enough time, always stuck in those long college meetings. But even with 30 minutes away from that SATURDAY GRADING you can bust those buns back to your college days jean size!!!

  4. Satisfying indeed. As others have suggested, I hope the headache quotient involved with getting the charge to stick, and the grade grubber/plagiarist actually out of your class, isn't too high.


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