Sunday, March 24, 2013

Veterinary Emergency

One of my regular losers missed class a couple of weeks ago and brought in documentation of a medical emergency -- from his vet for his dog.

We didn't actually have any graded work, so it was a wash, but still. . . .


  1. You know what I don't get? I don't get making a choice -- dog over class, understandable -- and not just living with the consequences of it.

  2. In the days before cell phone saturation, I was in the office that hand-delivered messages to students in class. The policy was we would only deliver messages for medical emergencies or anything involving a child. There was a student that repeatedly got messages to call home about "Mikey," "Danielle," and/or "Sarah." Come to find out, these were her dogs and cat.

  3. I've been out of touch for a couple of days, and this post is a little bit down the page, but I can't resist commenting.

    Did the note say that his dog got sick eating his shitty homework?

  4. I'm with F&T (and also think that Pat poses a worthwhile question).


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