Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sabbatical Sweetness

Hi y'all!

No, I haven't forgotten you, out there in the trenches. But I've been avoiding even reading about your misery, because I'm on sabbatical! Oooooh, it's running out fast, department head and dean and what not have been bugging me about teaching duties and service and stuff for the Fall.

But I've been holed up in libraries, attended conferences in foreign countries, made it to the dentist (ok, am losing a tooth tomorrow, that's what I get for ignoring this for so long), been writing a book and mucking around with some research and SLEEPING IN MORNINGS (bwah-ha-ha, oh, I really had to say that).

And I don't have to prep on Sundays. I could get used to this.

I believe that I am finally getting my sanity back. I actually look forward to seeing the flakes again. Meetings: I could do without them. They coaxed me in for a Very Important Meeting About The Future of The University As We Know It. It ended up being about quality assurance numbers. I left after 2 hours. I had an important meeting. In a cafe. With some coffee and cake.

Have a great summer, peeps!




  1. WooHoo! I'm glad to hear places still do sabbaticals. Our sabbaticals have been 'on hold' for years now and we have only been granted "partial sabbaticals," meaning one class off. I had a class off last quarter and didn't manage to do a whole lot of holing up anywhere. But your situation gives me hope!

  2. Hey, Suzy! Good to hear from you! Congratulations on returning sanity (and especially that meeting walk-out -- very wise and well-considered decision, that). I hope you enjoy reconnecting with the studentflakes; as you well know, they're really much more bearable than the adminiflakes (and, I suspect, the percentage of non-flakes is probably higher in the average classroom than the average administrative meeting).


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