Sunday, April 21, 2013

In honor of my CM anniversary, I give you staplers

This is a redux of all the postings on CM that relate to staplers. As you see, my initial meditation was not the first foray into the subject, but rather a continuation of the misery. This does not count the very lively discussion about staplers that appear in the comment section of several blog posts. If you wish to see those, please use the search function to look through the entire blog yourselves, and add any main postings that I may have missed. Happy Anniversary guys!

From November 10, 2011 "No. Words." by Crazy Math Professor: here

From March 1, 2012 "Cynical Language" by the Contemplative Cynic: here

The initial commentless kerfuffle from April 21, 2012 "Are they allergic to staples? A meditation": here

Also from April 21, 2012 "Welcome, Maybelle... (And a Space for Stapler Comments)" by Dr. Tingle: here

From April 22, 2012 "Maybelle's mea culpa and proper introduction": here

A reposting on December 16, 2012 of a RYS post "The Stapler" dated October 7, 2008, author anonymous: here

From December 14, 2012 "Stapling Stupidity" by Gradjunct (how was this not a Post of the Week?): here

From February 12, 2013 "Stapler Angsty From Alfred from Anaheim" : here
You kept reading? How sweet! I decided to be super nerdy and go hunt through RYS and put their links here as well. You don't like it? I can't find a duck, but if you don't like links, go Google a duck picture and feel some tranquility, unless Compound Cash made some fine duck hash. When is he supposed to take over the joint? Are we still in Utah?

Stapler Nutjob Nancy: here

Pete from Pepeekeo: here

Wichita Witchy: here

RYS playlet: here

Barely related to the stapler redux: here

Man, RYS is pretty screwed up. Entries show up individually and as pages of three postings. It ain't pretty to search for, so if I missed some articles, I do apologize.


  1. Fun retrospective, Maybelle. Your initial kerfuffle was one of many at CM that I have missed by being absent for a week. That would explain why I didn't offer you a welcome last April. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I remember the kerfluffle and also remember thinking, "Why the kerfluffle?"

    Happy anniversary, Maybelle. I always enjoy reading your posts, even if I don't comment on them.

  3. Funny collection! Happy day.

    And yes, it's considered bad form to post with comments off; it just is. But it was your first posting, and I'd say the kind of attention and support you've gotten from a number of community members more than makes up for any small twinge of kerfuffledom.

  4. I really prefer the cow. Love the cow.

    Right now poor Maybelle looks like she's wearing an erection.

    1. I thought it was a bloody, extracted molar with arms, feet, and a head.

    2. Eww. To that I prefer the erection.

  5. A 10-stapler salute to your CM anniversary, Maybelle! May this year be less miserable than the last!

  6. Re: the new graphic. Do staplers reproduce? If so, why can I (and my students) never find one when I/we need one?

  7. Cal has twice posted that graphic he loves so much, the woman with a stapler as torso & legs, and each time people have registered their displeasure.

    Since he's a big big baby (and only a mediocre golfer, zing), he has taken it down and retired it to the great Picasa Hall of Fame of Images Even Too Awful For This Blog.

  8. Thanks everyone! I was out of town (and there was NO WIFI ... the HORROR) for a few days, so it was nice to come back to the compound.


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